Learning Project Re-visited- Colds and Floods Update #2

It’s amazing how a bad cold and a flooded basement can bring clarity and focus to an issue. I had convinced myself that learning to play squash online was something I that I both wanted to learn and had time to explore. Then life, as life does, handed me a double whammy of a nasty cold and a knee deep flooded basement. I didn’t realize how close to the edge I was until these two little (well maybe not so little) events caused me to crumple. My precious blog writing, deep researching and thesis defining weekend morphed into piles of crumpled kleenex and endless phone calls to plumbers, insurance companies, and restoration services.  “I don’t have time for this!” I wailed to the universe in vain. I had a teary moment where I briefly entertained the notion of jumping on a plane and leaving it all behind- starting fresh in some tropical, sunny country where husbands don’t work away, children don’t need to eat or have clean clothes, masters projects write themselves and dirty, flooded basements are non-existent. Reality interrupted my thoughts when I heard yelling and realized that two of my son’s friends, drawn by the excitement of a disaster, were now wading around in the basement begging to be electrocuted. My son meanwhile was trying to Macgyver his own pump system by dismantling a fountain in the yard- hoses, clamps and tape strewn everywhere. I realized that feeling sorry for myself was not an option and someone had to take control of the mess before things got even worse.

Right. First assess the situation.

  1. Basement filling with water
  2. No food in the house
  3. Dirty clothes overflowing hamper
  4. Lit review to write, articles to read
  5. Blog needing to be switched from Weebly to WordPress
  6. Kids need to be taken to and from sports
  7. Watch squash videos and practice

Need a plan.

  1. Call plumber
  2. Call my mother
  3. Go grocery shopping- buy kleenex
  4. Ask for help driving children
  5. Put on load of laundry
  6. Try to carve out time to watch squash video and play squash     Hmmm…..

Suddenly learning how to play squash seemed the least of my worries. In the spirit of survival I decided to combine my learning project with my new blog. I will now be learning how to create a super sized WordPress blog. I will learn how tags, categories, pings and SSR feeds work and check out the myriad of options that WordPress offers. A quick glance assures me that I can spend hours viewing tutorials and experimenting with features. I am keeping in mind that I am starting pretty much from square one so I’m not sure if I will be hosting my own website at the end but I know that I will improve my online identity and I will be learning a necessary skill that will allow me to both nurse my cold and regularly check the sump pump in the basement. It is good to have a plan.


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