Learning Project #1

For my EDCI 591 learning project we were given the option to learn something online. I had a good time thinking of all the options but kept coming back to the fact that I am already spending way too much time just sitting in front of my computer. My new Fitbit has encouraged me to become more active and I want to continue making fitness a priority as it had slipped so far off my radar in the last year that I am in danger of losing all motivation forever.

In the last year my children and husband have all become very interested in playing squash. My son is very good, playing competitively for his school team and my daughter has decided that she too wants to play regularly. On the weekends my family heads out to the squash courts and leaves me to do my work on the computer. I have decided that I don’t want to be left behind to slog away on my papers anymore while they have all the fun. I want to play too!

Therefore, I have resolved to learn how to play squash online so that I may join in on the family fun and learn a new skill. I initially thought that I would have a hard time finding online resources as I have never heard of anyone learning a hands on sport online. I was very pleasantly surprised by the volume of squash advice on the internet. Videos, rules, step by step advice, dos and don’ts all a click away. I plan on learning online during the week and then heading to the court with my iPad to document my progress. I’m curious to see if learning a sport cerebrally while sitting down in front of a computer will translate to better form and confidence on the court. Wish me luck!
The first sites I will be visiting are:




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