Change is difficult Update #4

I must admit that I am not loving WordPress yet. I have spent many hours pouring over a multitude of help sites but I have found them all to be very text and jargon heavy. I am really missing the simplicity and ease of my old Weebly. I miss the simple visual icons and the ease of importing pictures. I miss the bright colours and happy feel of my old blog. My WordPress site feels very proper, very prescribed. I still feel that it controls me rather than the other way around. It’s like an old school teacher with rows of desks having me fill in endless worksheets. Weebly felt more like a supportive educator, providing enough scaffolding to provide skills, but then stepping back and allowing time for exploration and play. I felt successful on Weebly and managed to create an interesting site with multiple pages in little time. WordPress feels like working with an annoying office manager who thinks that saying “Beep, beep, boop” whenever I attempt a new post is helping me somehow. The urban dictionary defines it as a way to describe a geek or nerd. What is with that! Some sort of computer geek humour taunting us useless minions. I need to hold myself back from ‘bopping’ the screen. I am aware that my own incompetence is probably causing most of my frustration and that with time WordPress will (I’m told) prove to be much more useful. With that in mind I thought I should recap the week.

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New things learned: (very short, despite hours put in)

– A category is like a table of contents for your blog. You should have no more than 1-2 categories per post

– A tag represents an index for your blog and allows people to search by keyword

-I have learned how to insert a poll (This week I am searching for reasons that people like WordPress..)

– I can track the usage of my site and see where people are visiting from- I like the map feature

-I have experimented with a variety of themes and explored many options for users, tools and settings. (I’m not yet ready to do much with them but I know they are there.)

-Have learned to link words to urls.

-I read a blog post by Mardelle that stated she isn’t a fan of WordPress either (feel much better)

Frustrations I have had this week: (very long, despite hours put in)

-Every time I do something to my site a new window appears on my screen- results in confusion trying to figure out which is the latest window.

-My sidebar is repeated on the front page of my blog-no idea why

-Trying to insert pictures takes me to a media library- I have no pictures in my media library and am trying to figure out how to put some there.

-Despite all the ‘helpful’ sites out there I have yet to find one that emulates or comes close to having tech support at my side using simple, comforting language (I need a cloud granny!)

-I have an unknown feed error on my page that I need to remove

-Just realized that when I post a draft of a blog just to see what it looks like, and then delete it, it automatically tweets it out- aah! (Have just found the preview button to avoid this in the future)

-Have lost my title and don’t know why. It appears in my draft but not in final post.

-Too many words everywhere I look. Give me some pictures people!

-I’m starting to feel like the Bridget Jones of blogging 😦

All in all a rather frustrating experience. I’m beginning to wish that I had tried yoga as a project as working on my blog is not helping me manage my stress levels. I am going to walk away and go put some steps on my Fitbit- a much more satisfying endeavour!


3 thoughts on “Change is difficult Update #4

  1. jfong92 February 4, 2015 / 7:38 am

    I love the honesty in your blog post. There is so much to learn and so little time.


  2. Christopher Lister February 5, 2015 / 10:47 pm

    Hi Alison,

    I agree that there are many options within WordPress – perhaps too many. That said, I’m a fan of both WordPress and Edublogs. I particularly like the ‘publicize’ feature that allows my post to auto-populate to my other social media channels, as well as the option to publish posts at a later date. This saves time!

    Whether you decide to stick with it or change to another platform it will have worth the time in terms of knowledge and experience – hopefully!

    Side note, I hadn’t thought of comparing Categories and Tags to ‘contents’ and ‘indexes’ before – you made me smarter today.


  3. msauerborn February 9, 2015 / 11:42 pm

    Bryan was lovely and did a short (ish) bluejeans session with me to hammer out some big issues. But seemingly, newer ones arise : ) I will light a candle for you – it is clunky . . . .

    Adding media is a two step thing. So you add media, then you upload media from your computer – then it is there in the media library to use.


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