WordPress Bootcamp Update #5

After returning from a much needed family weekend getaway up in Parksville I have renewed appreciation for the flexibility and personalization of online learning. As part of my EDCI 591 learning project, I had enrolled in an open learning WordPress Bootcamp that started on Saturday and runs until Wednesday. It wasn’t until Monday that I was able to sit down and review the class materials but was immediately  impressed with the amount of support available and with the organization of the course. The class has a google+ site, a twitter hashtag #edtechopen and a website. Activities are archived and allow participants to engage at their own time.
WordPress bootcamp. Retrieved from edtechopen.com website:http://edtechopen.com
The main page is well organized and is easy to navigate. I am pleased to see that the initial contact allows people to introduce themselves and explain why they are taking the course. There are not a huge number of students (only 13 in the introduction forum) which actually makes me feel better and worse both at the same time. I am happy to not be interacting with thousands of strangers but apprehensive that now someone will have time to read and respond to my posts. I might not get away with lurking on this one….
The first activity is a discussion about the relevance of blogging. Why should we blog? It is an interactive session with participants providing links to valuable resources and articles and explaining their reasons for wanting to learn more. I am fascinated by the range of professions using blogging and the variety of responses. I immediately have an entire afternoon of links to search and read on the subject of blogging. I am also impressed with the contributions of instructor Lisa Read. She provides a personal view of blogging with her own examples given. The openness an honesty of her posts is inspiring. I realize that by providing personal anecdotes and stories to her students she has provided a connection point, an opening to get to know her, not as just a teacher but as a daughter, mother, citizen. Too often we hold back the very information that could draw people close to us by putting on a facade that fits the situation. I am still struggling with embracing and building my digital identity but thanks to Lisa realize that allowing myself some freedom and humanity while blogging will help to build a more meaningful PLN. Sometimes you need to give a little in order to receive.
I highly recommend you drop in and look around the course site, if not for this course then for future offerings.
Blogging Links provided by John Goldsmith

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