March 515 research update

To be honest, I have had great difficulty this last month managing all the different things that are being thrown at me. With Report cards, student led conferences, teaching full time and two courses on top of two children and managing a household with my husband away, I feel like I am not doing anything really well. I am very excited about my research topic and can’t wait to dig in to my new book but am getting very panicky about the looming deadlines. Can I have my thoughts in some sort of coherent form by April? Will it be good quality work or will I feel pressured to just but anything on paper and then have to redo it all in the summer? I have had to compartmentalize my life in order to survive. A week where I focus on my family, a week for my classroom, a week for my masters. That way at least I can turn to people and say “sorry, you have no laundry- it’s not your week”. Oh, if only that worked! I have deliberately chosen a topic that is very relevant to me so this month my progress is more related to doing things that help me to create my own maker space. If I am going to write about the effectiveness  of using Maker space to bring Reggio Emilia principles up the grades, then I am going to have to do it first. This is the part that I find exciting. Putting all the articles and my subsequent connections into a real world scenario. Unfortunately, what I should be focusing on is the writing of my lit review which I am finding very difficult to get into.

Progress Report:

  • Continued research into Maker Spaces
  • Attended Pro D workshop on Maker Space and made contact with teacher at Hillcrest Elementary who is currently creating a space
  • Approached my admin about creating a maker space in my classroom or somewhere in our school. Talked with school librarian, curriculum specialist and tech support about how to implement in our setting.
  • Changed job for next year. Moving to Grade 3 which ties in perfectly with Masters topic of bringing Reggio up the grades.
  • Ordered book “Invent To Learn” by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager

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