Sept/ Oct 515 Research Update


  • created blog about research topic and interests- helped to narrow down focus
  • Joined google + tiegrad community
  • met with Jane Rees weekly
  • organized/created Google folder for 515 course including all assignments and blog posts to help map out course create framework for research
  • realized that it will be essential to be organized due to amount of info we will be dealing with
  • created folder in Ref works for Lit review
  • looking into how to have shared folder for documentation articles
  • Made connections to 591 evaluation assignment- I will evaluate a resource that involves students  documentating own journey- perhaps book creator,show me or explain everything
  • Discussed using creation tools Diego and scoop it to help curate articles
  • Learned how to import google scholar article notifications into refworks

Next steps:

Use this space to list search terms and results

Save google scholar articles to refworks

Refine search terms in google scholar

Contact service administrator to allow access to google library


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