Networked Professional Learning

As I sit and reflect on my new understanding of networked learning I realize that I have come a long way. Perhaps, easier to do when you start far back…. This term I have created a new WordPress Blog as part of my learning project, used my twitter account daily, enjoyed writing and reading on our Google+ community and interacted on BlueJeans with my cohort, most of whom I have never met. My blog now has a nice clean theme and proudly boasts categories and a Twitter feed. No easy feat for a former Weebly fan. My twitter account was updated with a picture of me rather than a pretty picture (because I went to an Edcamp event and realized that I recognized many people from their twitter pics, but they had no idea who I was until I gave my name). I also made an effort to grow my PLN and follow more people. I spent hours combing through the lists of leaders in the edtech field to see who they followed. Over the course my followers grew from just under 300 to 433. I was amazed at how easy it was to interact with tech gurus and authors. I even sent a DM to Gary Stager asking for his PHD dissertation that wasn’t available to the public and he sent it to me!! I tried to read and comment on as many blogs as I could posted by my cohort and learned so much from all their comments and ideas. While I never quite got over my reluctance to speak on the Blue Jeans site, I enjoyed commenting in the sidebar chat and felt every bit a part of my class. I was rather sad when the class first came to an end, but now realize that I can keep these connections going through Twitter. So yes, I do feel like a networked learner. I still have so much more to learn, but am very comfortable taking my time to grow a meaningful and helpful PLN. Thank you to everyone who continues to help me on this journey.


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